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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the cost of basement space?

Almost every home needs some digging, ranging from a few inches to a few feet. A contractor can turn a foundation into a full basement by digging 6 to 8 feet deeper, building walls of the desired height, and pouring a concrete slab at the bottom. The additional cost can be as low as $10 per square foot over the cost of a shallower, stem wall base, or as much as $20 per square foot over the cost of a plain slab on grade—far less than the cost of adding more room to a house above the ground.

Why is my basement built of concrete?

Concrete is perhaps the most common basement building material. Concrete provides an enclosed space protected from the earth, insects, and weather while also providing a permanent, stable foundation for a house to stand on. Concrete walls, which can last a century or more, are highly resistant to shifting or sagging due to ground and water strain. Strength may be increased by raising wall thickness and embedding steel reinforcement bars inside the concrete if required. Concrete does not rot, warp, rust, deteriorate, or provide a nutrient basis for mold in the presence of water or moisture.

How is concrete strength determined?

Scientists use compression and flexural mechanical strength measurements to assess the strength of concrete. The water-cement ratio and the consistency of the aggregates and paste in the cement play a significant role in the concrete's strength.

Is it possible to soften hardened concrete?

No, that is the short answer. Concrete that has already hardened and set must be broken up into small pieces. These fragments, fortunately, can be used as aggregate in future concrete projects.

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